UPDATE: My latest scan was all clear. Back to a normal weight for me and full of energy. I am putting this behind me. On with life!

Thank you!
All the best, Mikel
October 2014

UPDATE: Another clear scan in March (one year since treatment stopped) shows no sign of cancer.
I can go 6 months between scans I feel incredibley lucky in this journey.
Although it is something I will always have to fight it is something that I can win
Insurance covers most of it but I will have to work hard to pay off all my bills for treatment.
I am determined to do meet this challenge through my art.
I am inspired by this second chance at life and I hope it shows in my latest paintings.
I feel almost normal again.

Thank you!
All the best, Mikel
April 2014

UPDATE:My latest scans are clear and show I am still in remission. I feel great. I have energy and feel quite normal.
I have been incredibly lucky in this battle and have received wonderful support from my family and friends.
I have been working diligently on my solo show that will feature work created throughout my year long battle with this disease.

Thank you!
All the best, Mikel
Sept 20 2013

UPDATE: Here it is months later and I am doing quite well. I have lost my beard, most of it, some hair on the back of my head,
and for a while I lost the ability to swallow. I lost some weight but not enough to compromise my health. I will have a pet
on May 17th to see if the treatment was successful. I am confident that it was. Aside from some taste issues, some swelling
in my neck and no beard I am feeling pretty good. I have energy and a positive attitude. The doctors are impressed with my
recovery and I intend to continue to impress them with my determination to put this behind me.

Thank you!
All the best, Mikel
May 2nd 2013

I have recently been diagnosed with cancer. Luckily it is treatble and the prognosis is very good.
I am being treated at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I will continue to paint and create as much as
I can during the entire ordeal. I have a good support network and I am married to a very capable, strong nurse.
My wife Cheryl will be my rock, all my family and friends have been fantastic in their help and support.
I plan on making this a bump in the road and a distant memory as quickly as possible.

Thank you!
All the best, Mikel
December 24th, 2012

  Luminous Landscape Paintings 2014