Mission Statement
Mission Statement

I am an artist schooled in tradition and raised in a modern world. I have been able to cross the advancement in modern materials and tools with my deep respect for old world methods. Through years of exploration my method and materials have become almost transparent in the creation process.

I strive to keep my vision fresh in each painting. I keep my palette simple by sticking with pigments that work well together. I paint layer by layer scumbling in color in thin, transparent washes at first then working to final details in rich opaque paints. The multiple layers of color marry into a luminous display of color, light and atmosphere.

I begin a painting in an almost frantic fashion. I try to establish the overall feel of the piece in the first moments the paint meets the surface. As it develops with each successive layer of paint, I make adjustments as needed pondering the mission of the work. My attention to detail becomes more focused as the painting nears completion, avoiding overwork at all costs.

My work is inspired by the Luminist Artists of The Hudson River School.

I am most drawn to the deeply filtered light of dawn and dusk, it is then you can usually find me scanning the horizon and sky for nature's light show, making plans for another painting.

My paintings have found a home in numerous collections worldwide. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of those collectors. From that, I am at once humbled and flattered to be included in those collections, hanging alongside many of my favorite artists.



  Luminous Landscape Paintings 2014